Saturday, December 13, 2014


Time to celebrate the ONE. With all the madness that the royal couple caused in NYC the
other night it still was not exactly as big of a spectacle as we witnessed earlier this year in
Paris. Jay-Z is great and everything but he's not Kanye. Not since Michael Jackson has anyone captured our collective imaginations the way Kanye has. We've decided to look back and remind (some of you) that Kanye is the total package entertainer that we just don't have enough of.

kanye, kim and her mother at PFW early this year

I'm a pop enigma. I live and breathe every element of life. I rock bespoke suits then I go to Harold's for fried chicken. It's all these things at once because as a taste maker, I find the best of everything." 

There is an intangible extraordinary "something" that Kanye brings to the game that transcends talent, money ,fear and loathing of ordinary men. He believes in himself 100%.

"There are people who dress better than me, just not many celebrities. I think I have leeway because I'm a rapper and I'm black. I think fashion people expect less of black people."

Kanye will always say anything when he feels like saying it no matter what the circumstances.

''About Kim Kardashian: 'Y'all are acting like this ain't the most beautiful woman of all time. Wait a second, wait a second - I'm talking about arguably of human existence. The top 10 of human existence... I don't give a f*ck what type of jacket she got on''.

                                    Undefeated. No matter the angle these two were winning.

As we patiently wait for Kanye’s new album we are excited that BET are giving Kanye his due respect. For the 2015 BET Honors Kanye will receive the Visionary award. Kanye will be the first recipient in this new category and if we are allowed to be presumptuous then we’d like to think that it was created just for him. The award ceremony will air during America’s Black History Month and will celebrate Kanye alongside others.

 BET added this caption to the announcement of Kanye’s upcoming award.

Kanye West will be honored for his extraordinary contributions across the arts, including roles as a record producer, rapper, filmmaker and fashion designer. He’s a multifaceted trailblazer and pioneer whose accomplishments are all marked by his unique and forward-thinking approach. 
In just forty words BET managed to perfectly articulate what Kanye has been telling us all along.

                        The poster above is one of my favorites and one that I believe applies to Kanye
source: teamkanyedaily  

Saturday, December 6, 2014


There are a bunch of restaurants and cafe's in Tanzania, including some in Dar es Salaam. But in a city of over a thousand restaurants, how do you find the best?  First you begin your search in places that are already popular. In this feature i attempt to determine the best restaurants and cafe's in this city.
NOTE: This is just according to my opinions.


Location:  Masaki, few km from the city center.

Main focus: Meat and wines

Specialities: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee and Drinks

 you can get both local and international food here

a very good place for you and your date, family or friends.

you will never hustle to find where to park your car 


Location:  21st Floor, Golden Jubilee Tower, Ohio Street, City Centre, Dar Es Salaam

Focus: international food and Italian

Its a family friendly restaurant.

you can have your meal with a great view of the city 

they offer a spot for events like birthdays, cooperate dinner, meetings etc.

a bar with every kind of cocktails, local and international beers and beverages

Location: Inside the Shoppers Supermarket, Masaki Dar Es Salaam.

Main Focus: offers specialty drinks, roasted coffee and baked treats.

specialities: salads, bakery and desserts.

you can take a break while shopping at the shoppers supermarket

there is a special place for kids to play, read and!

Baines Singh Avenue, Masaki Dar es Salaam.

Main focus: American, Breakfast, Brunch, Burgers, Fast Food, Sandwiches, Steakhouses and Vegetarian

Street and parking lot

This is a restaurant, dance club and lounge.


Location: Samora avenue,city centre .

Main focus: coffee, music, cocktails and food (local and international)

Specialities: American,Breakfast, Brunch, Burgers, Italian, Sandwiches and Seafood

Parking: street


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Africa's First Underwater Hotel Room In Zanzibar


Well, Zanzibar has emerged on the world map again  and making a buzz with this underwater hotel room in Pemba.

This underwater hotel room was opened last month, making it the second in the world. 
The room, at the Manta Resort on the Zanzibari island of Pemba, was designed by Swedish artist Mikael Genberg, who also built the first underwater hotel room in a lake in Sweden. The Manta Resort room sits 4 meters beneath the surface (that's just over 13 feet, three feet deeper than the room in the Swedish lake).
The three-tiered suite includes a roof deck, a landing deck at sea level with a lounge and bathroom, and of course the underwater bedroom surrounded by windows that afford a nearly 360-degree view of a nearby coral reef and dozens of species of fish. Anchor wires tether the structure to the sea floor.
A stay in the underwater hotel room goes for $900 a night as a single or $1,500 a night as a couple. And its way more cheaper to the citizens of the country.

Guests can sunbathe on the bed of the roof deck, or stargaze in an area with almost non-existent light pollution.

View from the inside the underwater hotel room

At night its actually amazing seeing fish with a clear view
source: and BBC Africa.